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Cooley Video Services Testimonials

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Video Services Testimonials from our valued customers:

05/11/2018 Home Movie Transfer
- Michele A Doty from La Salle
We were impacted by the recent flooding of Lake Erie on April 14. A box of precious movies taken of our children by my husband, who is now deceased,were submerged in water. I had seen Kyle's business advertised on Facebook, and reached out to him hoping he could save them. He did an incredible job! Our precious family memories were saved, and I can't thank Cooley Video enough.

04/25/2018 Home Movie Transfer
- Brian from Newport
We have been watching our home movies on our new dvds and we love them. Cooley video did a wonderful job of restoring our old home videos and securing our cherished memories for a very long time. Everything came out perfect, just like we hoped. I would not change a thing with my order. Great job!

03/09/2018 Video to DVD
- Kevin from Taylor
Got my wedding video transferred to dvd so we could watch it for our 20th anniversary. And price was good. Ordered copies for our parents. Can’t recommend Kyle enough!

01/27/2018 Home Movie Transfer
- Angie from Monroe
Thanks Kyle My Dvds turn out great i laughed i cried and I laughed Great memories thanks so much.

01/04/2018 Audio Tape Transfer
- Evener from Toledo
Kyle did an excellent job of copying a 47 yr old 7" Audio Reel over to MP3 / video-audio for me in Dec 2017.

12/29/2017 Video to DVD
- Jim Caudill from Brownstown Twp.
Cooley Video did a professional and on time job of converting my old tapes.All the family enjoyed them during christmas time. I will be taking more back to Cooley in the near future.Thanks again Kyle.

12/28/2017 Video to DVD
- Robert Bomia from Monroe
Kathy and I were able to get our 1968 wedding and family film put on to a DVD so after years our family was able to relive so many great moments as well as share them with our family. Very happy with the professional and on time work of Cooley Video Services and as soon as we dig up the rest of our film will be getting more done. Great guy to work with. It was so great to see the family memories up to 50 years past.

12/27/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Ken Guzman from New Boston
Cooley Video was professional, prompt and flexible. My wife LOVED seeing her loved ones come to life again as I had film converted for a Christmas present. I highly recommend Cooley Video Services!

12/27/2017 Video to DVD
- Dennis Peters from Monroe
We are very happy with the transfer of our old home movies to DVD by Cooley video. They have provided much laughter in our home over the holidays. They were very pleasant to work with.

12/24/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Mandy from Monroe
You put together my family's old videos. My late grandparents are on there. Me seeing my Grandfather, young, strong, and happy brought me to tears. I've never really seen pics of my Grandmother young so to see that I was stunned the work you've done to restore that is amazing! You given me something I would have never experienced in life.

12/11/2017 Photo Videos
- Rose Boileau from Huron Township, MI
I wanted to find a local company to scan our valuable family photos. I was lucky to find Cooley Video which was close to where I live. I brought him over 3000 pictures to scan and 1 VHS to convert to digital. I felt very comfortable turning them over to him. He completed the job within the time frame I requested and he was reasonably priced. My family is thrilled with the completed project. Thank you Kyle!

12/04/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Matt & Julia G. from Carleton
Kyle, just wanted to say what a great job you did on the transfer of those old family 8mm films. Like I told you, it has been a good 40 years since I last saw any of those old films and some of them I don't believe I've ever seen. My wife and I watched the DVD's the other day and since they were all shot before we ever met I had to do a lot of explaining as to who was in them. Talk about bringing back memories, all I can say is WOW and thank you.Now our family memories should stay preserved for quite some time. We can't wait to see what the rest of the family has to say! Thanks again Kyle!

10/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Debbie from Monroe
Kyle did a fabulous job working with 8mm reels from over 50 years old! Asked if he could get the DVD done before we head to Florida and he didn’t blink an eye! Viewed them with family and everyone was VERY surprised how well they turned out! Highly recommend him for any of your video needs!!

07/17/2017 Video to DVD
- Renee Drouillard from Monroe
I am so happy I had my VHS tapes transferred to DVDs. I am enjoying watching them since I picked them up last week. Money well spent on memories I cherish.

06/25/2017 Photo Videos
- Paul from Brownstown
Kyle is wonderful. He put together a memorial video for my father. He had to work with old photos and some of them were not in great shape. Also some of them were already on a display board. Kyle produced a very moving tribute to my father. He blended the photos with my fathers favorite music perfectly. The comments from my family were all positive. The best comment was "was the man that made the video a friend of your father because it seems as if he new him well". Thank you Kyle you are the best

06/13/2017 Video to DVD
- Mike from Taylor
I had a great experience with Cooley Video Services and would highly recommend them. To use just a few words...I would say friendly, professional, and timely. A very smooth process from drop off to pick up. Love the DvD's and I will be a customer again in the near future. Thanks again Cooley!

06/09/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Trudy from Monroe
Great job, great prices.. I'm so glad I finely had our 8mm put on DVD.. Kids are going to love seeing them self and family almost fifty years ago... Thank You Kyle..

05/21/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Janice T from Newport
Cooley Video is the best, had our order completed before expected date and did a great job!!!!

03/23/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Wendy from Dundee
Just want to thank Kyle for doing such a wonderful job turning our home video into a DVD. It turned out wonderful and it was done when he said it was going to be. Looking forward to getting more home videos done and some slides too!

02/26/2017 Video to DVD
- Randy L from Toledo
Great experience fast, professional,and quality! Wife is very happy with cd's. Thanks, Randy

02/26/2017 Video to DVD
- Marvin H. from Monroe
Kyle did a fantastic job transfering my vcr tapes to dvd. Professional service, very courteous and great price for these memories. I even had copies made, will definately use Cooley Video Services again and recommend them to everyone I can.

02/23/2017 Audio Tape Transfer
- Scott Farley from Newport
I found an old cassette tape that was recorded at my Grandparents and had the whole family on it. I brought it in and had it put onto CD so I never have the worries of it not breaking or being erased.

02/22/2017 Duplications
- Sandy from Brownstown
I had copies made of precious memories on DVDs, beautiful work at such a great price! I'll be back, thank you!

02/16/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Diane Bryant from Monroe
Kyle did a fantastic job transferring my Dad's old 8mm film to a DVD. We deeply appreciate that he finished the dvd in time for my Mom's funeral upon such short notice. I definitely will be returning, because everyone wants the family dvd. Kyle, see you soon!!!

02/13/2017 Home Movie Transfer
- Nancy Worlen from Riverview
Kyle transferred all of my Dad's old 8mm movies from the 50's to a CD. They are so fantastic and he did a much better job than a few that my cousin had borrowed and had put on a CD. I got copies for my daughter, sister and my niece a nephew and they were so pleased with them. Thank you again Kyle for the fantastic job you did!!

01/04/2017 Video to DVD
- Jill Schuster from Brownstown
Had been searching for a reputable place to have my family VHS tapes converted to DVD without sending them out of area. Cooley Video Services did an excellent job for a reasonable price and completed my order ahead of schedule. I am very pleased and will return to have some family photos digitally preserved. Thank you Kyle Cooley for providing this service!

12/31/2016 Video to DVD
- Michael K from Monroe
We have a lot of 8mm tapes that we have no way of viewing as our camera died a couple of years ago. We had Kyle transfer some of them to DVD and the quality is very good.

12/29/2016 Video to DVD
- Roberta R. Thornsberry from Dundee
I was referred by a friend who had used Cooley video services. I had a traumatic experience with my own home videos (they were lost in shipping by the company I went to previously) and she knew I wouldn't trust just anyone again. I borrowed my sisters home videos to make copies of the few that she had of my own children. Cooley video services was fast, convenient and DVD quality is excellent.

12/15/2016 Video to DVD
- Robert from Taylor
Kyle did exceptional work! Was completed earlier than expected. Had family movies moved to DVD for a Christmas present, it was the perfect gift. Will definitely use his services again and have passed his name to family members. Thank you Kyle. Keep up the good work!

12/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Gale Fountain from Monroe
Recently had family home movies transferred to a DVD through Kyle. He was very informative and very quick at making the DVD. Very happy with his work and will be returning with more work for him to do. I thought his pricing was very fair for the number of films I had. Thanks Kyle for helping to save memories.

12/12/2016 Video to DVD
- Pam Ackerman from Maybee
I love my pictures and my movies. :-) Unfortunately a lot are recorded on VHS tape. The tapes are drying out and becoming almost to brittle to use without breaking and losing all of the irreplaceable memories. I thought paying someone to transfer them to DVD format would be way to expensive. :-( After much hesitation I contacted Cooley Video Services in Monroe. I received not only quality products but great customer service and a decent price. I will be returning for sure. I just wanted to share since I know a lot of you have 'been thinking about' doing this as well. OH! I also learned that they repair VHS machines. :-) They also transfer photographs and have other services.

11/28/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Mary S from Newport
I recently had all of my grandfather's 8mm films, some from the 1940's, put on DVD. Didn't have a chance, until now, to watch. They did such a beautiful job! The added touch of music, and the photo DVD cover made it extra special! Thank you so much! I will be bringing so much more to be done!

11/15/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Carol B from Monroe
What a wonderful walk down memory lane watching my old 8mm film that Kyle at Cooley video transfered to a DVD. I can't express my gratitude to him for the great job he did. I will need to order a few more copies for a few family and friends. Thanks again Kyle

11/02/2016 Photo Videos
- Heather P from South Rockwood
Kyle Cooley did an excellent job in preparing a memorial for my father in laws funeral. The whole process could not have been any easier and more efficient. The video was outstanding and brought several members of the family to tears seeing the long lost photographs. He incorporated the music we provided and the video and music were seamless. He did all of this under a very tight time table. We couldnt be happier with the results.

10/29/2016 Video to DVD
- Dave M from Monroe
Just had 7 VCR tapes of the kids put on DVD, Great Job !! Fast & came out good ! I'll go back

10/25/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Vickie from Erie
Can't thank you enough for the GREAT!! job transferring my old films and cassettes to DVDs n CDs!!! Once again we're able to watch our movies of relatives n friends who have passed (and my siblings n I as youngsters). And listening to my 2 grandmothers ( who have passed) talk about their childhoods.... Hearing their voices again was surreal !! EXCELLENT, PROFESSIONAL WORK!!! To any doubters out there, have no fear, get your precious memories to this amazing, talented man. THANKS AGAIN, KYLE!!

10/07/2016 Photo Videos
- Judy S from Monroe
The video you made for me with the photos of our grandson was a winner. The family watched on his birthday and thoroughly enjoyed it. Some of it sweet some touching and even a few laughs.

10/04/2016 Video to DVD
- Kevin C from Monroe
I had 24 old VHS tapes converted to DVD's. I was very pleased with the price and quality of the finished product. Mostly going from a box of tapes to a small book of DVD's. I highly recommend Cooley for all your video needs.

09/21/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Dawn Hayes from Monore
I had old 8mm film of our family that I needed to convert to DVD. Cooley video did a fantastic job of putting them together including splicing broken film together and giving them back on a spool in a protected case. I would highly recommending their services.

08/24/2016 Video Services
- Brenda from Monroe
We are so happy with our videos that were done by Cooley Video, the videos were great and our family was so excited and happy with the results memories preserved forever,we would highly recommend his business he completed a very large order very Quickly and they were awesome, we give him a perfect score.

08/09/2016 Video to DVD
- Gary Mullins from Monroe
Kyle is very professional person done an excellent job transferring 8mm to DVD even took the time to retrieve video taken by my cell phone and transfered those to DVD would highly recommend him for any kind of services that he performes

05/17/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Linda Wagner from Monroe
I am 100% satisfied with the work I had done by Cooley Video Services recently. I had a lifetime of Super 8 and Vhs film transferred to DVD's and put in a data file so I can edit the films myself. I would recommend Kyle to anyone interested in preserving their old movies. Excellent Job!

05/05/2016 Video to DVD
- Adam from Riverview
I dropped off an old Christmas family tape and Kyle transferred it to DVD for us... Awesome work! It's awesome being able to relive all those memories! Will be contacting Kyle to hopefully transfer more home movies to DVD!

05/01/2016 Video to DVD
- Marcia from Monroe
I just received my finished videos. They are wonderful! I'm so glad I had this done by Cooley Video Services. I Highly recommend them.

04/29/2016 Video Production
- Mike Smolenski from Carleton
We were tasked to produce a personal protective equipment themed video and have fun with it. Kyle did a fantastic job bringing to life an SD card full of site pictures and a homemade audio track. We've continued to receive great feedback across the plant and expect to share it with all new hires. Well done!

04/28/2016 Video to DVD
- Tara from Monroe
I've been thinking about transferring my small video cassettes for years now and then I stumbled upon the Facebook ad for Cooley Video Services. I was hesitant at first to turn over my only copies of cherished memories but the when I talked to Kyle I knew I made the right decision! He did a beautiful job transferring the videos to DVD and my family is having a blast watching moments from the past 16 years! The first time my kids have seen themselves in video as babies and toddlers! Thank you Cooley Video Services! I highly recommend them.

04/25/2016 Video to DVD
- Tammie from Newport
Thank -you , love my DVD's you transferred, haven't stopped watching them !!!!

04/20/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Sara from Monroe
Cooley Video Services transferred a 50 year old wedding video from an 8 mm reel, to DVD. Good quality, quick friendly service. Neat seeing my mom & dad, aunts & uncles from so many years ago! Cooley Video Services Professional Services

04/06/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Sue from Flat Rock
Our family loved your work. We had not seen these movies in approximately 50 years. Our father viewed them Easter weekend and really enjoyed the memories. It made an 85 year old man very happy. For myself , I got to see my First Communion and younger brothers and sister, especially my one brother who is now in Heaven. The work was true quality to the fullest and we would recommend your work to all of our friends and family. Once again, many thanks for the opportunity to see our past. It is a priceless gift.

04/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Mike from Lafayette
We are all extremely pleased with the final product. My expectations were guarded based on the age of the 8mm film. However, you knocked it out of the park!!! Thank you seems so lacking. MAYBE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is a little better. I sincerely appreciate your efforts and expertise. God Bless!

02/16/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Art from Maybee
My wife loved watching the old family home films Kyle transferred to DVD for us. Very professionally done, love the index & the cool soundtrack. Friendly service & convenient hours too.

02/16/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Dena Brown from Belleville
This was a wonderful experience! I dropped off rolls of 8mm films that were over 50 years old and in bad shape. Kyle was able to get them all Put on a DVD complete with music. I waited a long time to do this because I was afraid To send them away for fear of them getting lost. So happy I found Cooley Video Service as I felt my movies were in great hands! I am trying to find more lost movies to have preserved for the future generations to see. Thanks Kyle!

02/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Richard Carter from Newport
We had Cooley Video transfer an old home movie to a DVD of an interview with my Mother back in 1992. This movie needed to be repaired before it could be put on DVD. We are so grateful for the work done as it is memories that we can now cherish for years to come thanks to Cooley Video!

01/18/2016 Video to DVD
- Robin Newman from Dundee
I would recommend Cooley Video Services completely. You do kind of worry about handing over your "precious memory" videos to someone to have them transfer them over, but the owner Kyle was very professional and our dvd's came out great! Very fast service too!

01/18/2016 Video to DVD
- Beth Gonyea from South Rockwood
Wonderful place to put your old videos on DVD ! Had ours done and they turned out great. Going to have more done.

01/09/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Phil Speare from Monroe
Thanks Kyle for the great job you did with transferring our old (and I mean OLD) home movies to digital DVD for us. It was a great Christmas gift to my parents and younger brother and his family. The laughs we all shared on that Christmas day were priceless. We loved the way you added music to the video. It was all time appropriate and made for a better viewing experience. Thanks again on a job well done.

01/03/2016 Home Movie Transfer
- Mary Krzeminski from Carleton
Thank you Kyle for the wonderful work you did for my family! We love our movies.

12/30/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Kathy Jones from Belleville
Kyle did a wonderful job of taking 60 year old 8mm films and turning them into fresh new memories to share with the family. Will use his services again in the future.

12/29/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- LISA from Woodhaven
I have been wanting to transfer some old home videos for awhile but kept putting it off. I found Cooley Video right before Christmas and Kyle was able to transfer some old home video tapes to DVD. I'm so happy to have found this company. Kyle was great to work with from the start. He was very professional and most importantly provided a priceless service of preserving precious family memories. Thank you Kyle for your wonderful service, I will definitely be using this company again!

12/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- David Brown from LaSalle
They do a fantastic job and great to work with

12/26/2015 Home Movie Transfer
- Jim and Kelli Kubrak from Brownstown
My husband and I found Cooley Video Services through a Facebook advertisement. We were looking to turn over 1,000 feet of 8mm film into a DVD. Kyle did a fantastic job! Our inlaws LOVED the DVD ... and we even ordered extra copies for more family members. Cooley Video did A+ work ... VERY affordable prices and we received the video within the time frame as quoted! Thank you Cooley Video!

12/21/2015 Video to DVD
- Karen from Maybee
I saw Kyle's Facebook page and I am so glad I did. I have been wanting to transfer our old vacation and special moments VHS and Camcorder tapes to DVD for a long time. I took in 12 VHS tapes (one which was broken and needed to be repaired) and 7 Camcorder tapes. I told Kyle there was no rush, but he had them done in 10 days. I received an album with all the new DVDs in them. They are marked with the events and the times for each one. It fits nicely in the drawer with our other DVDs. Since then, a relative of mine took her tapes in to Kyle, and I also recommended him to a friend. Glad I didn't do this earlier, because I am so happy with these results!

12/20/2015 Video to DVD
- Mary from Maybee
Cleaning out my Mom's house after she passed away, my siblings and I found a couple VHS tapes that were of my Dad's retirement party from work, and Christmas get-together from his work. My Dad was such a character...I laughed and cried through both tapes, and knew that I had to have them preserved, and have copies made for my brother and sister. Kyle did a great job transferring them to archival DVDs - and the price was very reasonable. I laughed and cried all over again as I watched the DVDs to make sure the quality was good, it was. I can't wait for my siblings to open their gifts this Christmas and share a few memories of my Dad. Thank you, Kyle.

09/26/2015 Video to DVD
- Linda Smith from Flat Rock
I found Cooley Video on facebook and I am so glad I did . Forty- six years of family memories on multiple formats and now all neat in one box of beautiful dvd's. Kyle said it would take a couple weeks , but they were done in one! Great service Kyle, thank you again! L. Smith

09/17/2015 Video to DVD
- Mike Wood from Riverview
I just wanted to say thanks Kyle for your outstanding work and going out of your way to get it done so quickly! I will highly recommend you to all of my family and friends! have a great day Kyle!!

09/17/2015 Video to DVD
- Kathy from Monroe
I contacted Kyle about transferring a VHS to a DVD. He had it transferred with multiple copies made within a few hours. He is very professional, friendly, and efficient. I look forward to utilizing his work in the future!

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