Legal Video Services - Monroe, MI

Legal Video Services

Are you in need of video in your legal case? The legal process has specific video needs and we have the experience and equipment to meet them.

Here are a few of the common services we provide:

Day-In-The-Life documentary - This specialized video is a powerful portrayal of the damages done to a plaintiff's life as a consequence of injury. Using photos, video, career material, newspaper articles, etc. this video puts the viewer in the subject's shoes.

Settlement documentary - A settlement documentary is similar to a day-in-the-life video but is intended to demonstrate the opposition's weak case and evoke a settlement before trial. Thus, it may include depositions, reconstruction of accidents, and other pertinent testimony.

Redaction - Sometimes a recorded legal proceeding needs to have editing done per your case, judges instructions, or just to shorten and combine. We specialize in this.

Other Legal Video Services Include:


Video Tape Duplication

Audio Cassette Duplication

Microcassette Conversion

Video Depositions

Slow Motion Video

Video Enhancement

Audio Enhancement

Video to DVD

Video to CD rom

International Video Conversions (PAL, SECAM)

We offer:

  • 100% satisfaction
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Account set-up with your firm
  • Same day/Next day service if possible

Legal Video FAQ's:

Q) What about service on weekends or after hours?

A) No problem. If you're calling after our regular business hours, you will hear a message on how to contact us.

Q) Can you record the audio portion of a video cassette and put it onto an audio cassette?

A) Yes.

Q) Can you transcribe the audio portion of a video cassette?

A) Yes, that is part of our service.

Q) Can the audio portion of a video tape be enhanced?

A) Yes, we can often enhance the audio portion of a video to make it clearer.

Q) What about photos from video; is that possible?

A) Yes. We can make prints from any video or film, and store them as hard copy prints or computer files.

Q) Can you slow down or speed up video?

A) Yes, we have that editing capability.

Q) We have a dark videotape. Can it be lightened up?

A) Yes.

Q )Can you zoom in on a particular video frame?

A) Yes.

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